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Songs about waiting for someone

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And obviously, what you said then has new meaning now, such as in the song Anticipation, when I say these are the good old days. He wants to make up all those bad times just to get her to stay. When he fr away, she can hold onto them until they can be together again.

What I meant when I was 26 is quite different than what I mean now when, you know, I had no idea it would. Home hot new top Want music for that 8 hour drive to pick up your new car?

It required 21 takes to finish the instrumental tracks. Share this:. I had a really hard time. What can I say? It is all about wanting someone else while in a relationship and having to hide that love because their partners may discover it.

And we began to be friends abokt the world of show business. How about for the party your wife decided to throw for her sister's 3rd cousin's nephew's mother's new baby? So what songs in your playlist are about waiting? Enjoy your stay!


If Louise and I are still waiting later in the week, I'll post Volume 2. Rock on, travelers, rock on. Country artists have recorded some of the most poignant tearjerkers of all time.

We put it into music, and it found its way onto tape. I think the simple sweetness and innocence of it is the perfect balm for those moments of flagging hope, even for grown ups.

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With patience they will be together in a good place. Wait was pulled from the shelf to fill the gap. Ally Barron — Just Friends. He had nothing to do with writing that music. Why, songs about airplanes, of course!

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Maroon 5 — Wait This is an upbeat pop where Adam asks a girl to stay and hear him out while she is leaving. As soon as the audience would hear it, they would start cheering before we even played a note. We chatted endlessly, and I seem to remember writing Wait in front of him, and him being interested to see it being written. And I knew it was good, and it just went on endlessly. Feel free to post to MMAP to request for a playlist to be made for you, to submit a playlist, to help create a playlist for someone, or to start or contribute to a discussion.

We really felt good about that record.

He did not write that music. We had a feeling in our hearts, like a vibration.

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To break out of the wairing, the band recorded Tired of Waiting for You, an uncharacteristic ballad. So I went in and put the heavier rhythm guitar part on last, after it was finished. Either way, waiting for love involves a kaleidoscope of emotions: longing, frustration, anticipation, faith, excitement, loneliness, hope, even despair.

It was one of those where I really worked on it until I was too tired to go any longer. Have we left out any of your favorites?

10 songs about waiting for someone you love

Playlist of the Week: Coming Soon! Counting to — Matt Wertz Another one from Matt Wertz, where he sings of waiting as a game of fot. I wanted to get on the map. So many great waiting songs, one Top Ten just wasn't enough.

So I said I had a sore throat, could I come back the next day to record it? In the song the describes the gradual process of what he endured when waiting for love to come around. Or you may have no idea what to expect and are just waiting to be surprised. Sep6 You might have a very clear picture of who you want that special person to be. The lyrics of these love songs capture the heartache of missing someone. And overnight I wrote the lyrics, wrote them on the Tube coming in to the studio.

Wait for Me — Rebecca St.

A monthly update on our tor interviews, stories and added songs Songfacts Newsletter. Here, we request, create, and submit playlists for each other, and we discuss artists, genres, songs, albums, and music in general with each other. If you're still waiting for your favourite, you might find it there.

Top 11 waiting songs

All I know is that she inspired me to hit all the right notes for that ballad. Country music has developed a wiating as the deated genre for sad songs. And so, I wrote the song called Anticipation, which is about the fact that anticipation makes you late, it keeps you waiting. Songfacts category - Songs about desire or longing.

Guns N Roses — Patience The waitung is about a man who was missing his ex and he tells her that the problems they had will work themselves out with time. They say dogs can hear sounds that humans cannot and I swear Brian must have been part canine because he was reaching for something intangible, imperceptible to most, and all but impossible to execute.