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However, the potency and effects are different, and can lead to trouble. EDRS data shows a steady decline in the use of any synthetic cathinone use since What is Monkey Dust?

There have been countless reports about the monkey dust drug. here's what we actually know.

There are also similar side effects including muscle tension, reduced appetite, restless sleep and enlarged pupils. Synthetic Cathinones. However, Saraha senior lecturer in criminology from Staffordshire University, notes that it Monke unclear whether these calls were for the same individuals or if monkey dust was being mixed with other substances that exacerbated rust situation. With its unpredictable side effects, the psychoactive substance is currently an epidemic in some parts Momkey the UK.

This class also includes drugs you may have heard of before including ephylone the dangerous drug detected recently via pill testing at an Australian music festivalmethylone, and mephedrone. It would not be the first time that new psychoactive substances, specifically synthetic cathinones, have received misguided media attention. Lee said that she has never seen a patient who has developed a dependence on monkey dust in her clinical work.

Australia witnessed a small increase in the proportion of people aged 14 or over who had tried one of these synthetic drugs at least once in their lifetime from 0. This week's reports of monkey dust use appear to have stemmed from UK reports of the drug in late But our ongoing research raises questions about how widespread and localised use of the drug really is. MDPV has been illegal in Australia sinceand around the same time in many other jurisdictions including the United States, Canada, and much of Europe, ing for a decline in its availability.

What does mdpv do?

Such chaotic drug usage usually affects a small group of the population who often require resource intense interventions, inclusive of assistance from emergency services. However, changing the classification is unlikely to address user levels, or the current dkst associated with the drug that is causing concern. Monkey dust can be snorted, smoked, ingested orally, or injected and it is used in extremely small quantities, with users reporting 5mg or less per crug.

In fatal cases involving a single synthetic cathinone, death has been attributed to complications arising from extremely high body temperatures or damage to drut vessels of the heart. There are several synthetic cathinones which are all similar but different to natural cathinone and produce much stronger effects.

In this regard, small, portable, and relatively cheap infrared analysers may be useful for on-site testing services. MDPV Mobkey structurally similar to cathinone, an active alkaloid in the leaves of the khat plant, which are traditionally chewed for their stimulant effect in East African cultures. Those effects can be like MDMA or cocaine, such as feeling happy, energetic, Monkey dust drug and having an intense connection to music.

Ibid Peacock, A.

Monkey dust

People are likely to be in danger of greater harm if synthetic cathinones are mixed with other drugs such as alcohol. Despite the limited evidence of Mnkey presence in Australia, the Australian Federal Police state that new psychoactive substances are dangerous. Another article cited the drug's powerful hallucinogenic effects, saying that "users have been filmed running into traffic, mutilating themselves, teetering on rooftops and jumping from buildings".

And for homeless people, there are lots of traumatic experiences which may lead them to use drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Staffordshire police reported in August that they were receiving an average of 10 calls or more a day related to monkey dust. The drug first came to international attention in when a " cannibal attack " on a man in Miami was attributed to the attacker dusr intoxicated by bath salts although there was no evidence of the drug in his system.

Drug checking This is one of the Monkey dust drug that drug checkingalso referred to as pill testing, needs to be trialled in Australia at festivals or music events as a harm reduction tool.

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Professor Michael Cole, a forensic scientist from Anglia Ruskin University, noted MMonkey an article for the Conversation that drugs such as monkey dust increase in use where there are lulls in the supply or too much demand for the drugs they are trying to replicate. In extreme cases, MDPV has been linked to rhabdomyolysis rapid muscle breakdownbrain injury, and death.

Who is using Monkey Dust?

: Monkey Dust, Krokodil, Nyaope: why new drug concoctions keep appearing In early September, the negative and addictive effects of Monkey Dust led the Staffordshire police and crime commissioner to suggest that it should be reclassified as a Class Money rather than Class B drug. Dr Nicole Lee, an associate professor at the National Drug Research Institute, told BuzzFeed News that there "isn't much evidence that there's a huge epidemic or that lots and lots of people are using it".

Its users are at risk of intense, prolonged panic attacks, development of psychotic symptoms from sleep deprivation, addictive cravings, and death from overdose. A month by month analysis is useful in profiling a pattern of drug use.

‘monkey dust’ – busting the myths

An AFP spokesperson made the plea to "anyone who is considering experimenting with illicit drugs or new psychoactive substances, no matter how they are branded or presented" to avoid taking them and that it is "a gamble with your life that's just not worth taking". There is the potential for more harmful side effects to occur, especially at higher doses, which may include paranoia, anxiety and stomach pains. Pyrovalerone — a hybrid of mephedrone and MDPV — is an approved appetite suppressant used medically for weight loss.

The recent seizure of more than four kilograms of MDPV imported into Australia suggests a market for the drug still exists. MDPV was developed by pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim in the mids as a central nervous system stimulant.

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It is often likened to other cathinones such as MDVP. Link A synthetic stimulant known as "monkey dust" has dominated headlines this week with claims that its use has triggered a nationwide warning due to its disturbing side effects of psychosis and strong hallucinations.

But there have been national funding cuts to the health and public health sector and to drug support services run by the voluntary sector. However, they talked about friends who used and concerns about vust behaviour and other effects of NPS drugs that they had witnessed.

Monkey dust

MDPV belongs to the cathinone family of drugs, which are thought of chemically as "cousins" of amphetamines such as MDMA the primary ingredient in ecstasy and amphetamine speed. Does Australia have an "epidemic" of monkey dust use? Synthetic forms like MDPV can be made with various changes in the chemical Mokney, so can cause unpredictable effects. Submit it here Share This Article.

By blocking the ability of certain brain cells neurons to reabsorb these neurotransmitters, MDPV effectively increases the intensity and duration of norepinephrine and dopamine alling.